MMT is the sister company to the reputable repair and spray shop, Melbourne Motorcycle Fairings. We offer general motorcycle towing services to both trade and the public. Our company is approved by the major insurance companies and we are trusted to provide a highly sought after towing service to the motorcycling community.

Who we Service

We have a wide range of clients and service insurance companies, private customers, motorcycle retailers and other sectors of the motorcycle trade.

Some of the services we offer

  1. All hours roadside emergency accident/breakdown transport.
  2. General point to point transport throughout Victoria.
  3. All insurance transport.
  4. All hours call outs.
  5. Towing from accident site to any repair shop.
  6. Unique roll-on/off drop floor - no ramps!
  7. Accident repair and re-spray quotes through our sister company.
  8. On line quote service

Call us on 03 9399 3344 or visit our Contact Page for more details.